Africa is attracting increasing interest from the developed world for its market opportunities. As a consequence, there is great potential for growth in agriculture and industry, but Africa’s infrastructure must develop rapidly in order to meet the requirements of development.

Despite impressive growth rates experienced on the Continent in the recent past, Africa still rates as a higher risk investment destination. Engagement with locally based professionals who understand the pitfalls of doing business in Africa and have the ability to identify and mitigate risk is paramount to a successful project. There is therefore a need for Africa-based Development

Professionals with first world tool kits and the capacity to deliver in spite of the challenges.

Ascon’s EPCM approach to projects combines smart Engineering with Construction Management, which means we deliver quality projects on time and within budget. We offer services in a variety of areas including environmental management, development planning and social impact assessment. Our approach to each project is strategic, based on well-established principles that achieve final results appropriate to each client’s needs.

How we work

Over many years and through many consulting assignments, we have built a library of turnkey methodologies, tools, processes and reference materials. Some are simple one-page checklists; others are complex methodologies and workbooks. Each of these is designed to add value, streamline processes and ultimately improve the delivery of each project.

We have excellent working relationships and alliances with a number of global businesses, enabling us to add depth to our consulting expertise so our clients can benefit from a greater range of services. These alliances include the IFC, World Bank, European Union (EU), URS and Buhler to name but a few.

Where we work

Ascon Africa operates throughout Africa we have permanent offices in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mocambique. We are currently running, or have recently completed, projects in Botswana, Mocambique, Malawi and Zambia, Ethiopia, Uganda and South Africa.