Mining Services

Ascon Africa works with a diverse team of specialist consultants in the African sub-region to provide technical and engineering services support to small and medium size mine developments in the region (US$50.0m)
• Target Generation
• Exploration Programs Management
• Mineral Assessment
• Project Evaluation
• Exploration Lease Acquisition
• Joint Venture Negotiations

Ascon Africa can provide support to miners in managing exploration projects from permitting and target generation to resource definition drill out. This can be extended to carry out structural and ore-body modeling as well as resource estimation using the latest modeling and evaluation

Mine Feasibility Studies and Audits

• Mining Proposal Audit
• Feasibility Studies
• Project Management
• Labour and Equipment Estimates
• Costing Studies
• Safety Audits

Ascon Africa can put together teams of mining consultants with the capability to prepare any level of a mine feasibility report required to meet client’s needs from scoping to final feasibility suitable for use in mobilizing development finance.

Mineral Processing

• Optimization and Process Analysis
• Equipment Procurement
• Plant Start Up/Commissioning
• Plant and Process Design
• Tailings Dam Design
• Flow Sheets, Mass Balances and Metallurgical Reconciliation
• Mine Water Treatment Systems
• Emergency Plan Development

Ascon Africa works with specialised consultants in to design process plants covering a wide range of minerals, metals and energy sector deposits. The consultant can therefore provide services in all aspects of mineral processing. Together with our associates, we can put together teams, not only in designing and constructing facilities, but in operating those facilities.

Mine Geology

• Mine Mapping
• Structural Analysis of Ore-body
• Ore-body Modeling
• Reserve/Resource Estimation
• Mine Feasibility Appraisal
• Mine Property Valuation

Ascon Africa has a network of local and regional geologists who are professionally licenced with years of mining related experience and mine geological services to offer support on all areas of the mining cycle. Mine valuation services and due diligence are an important part of Ascon Africa’s capability. We can provide a proper valuation of undeveloped and developed mineral property.

Open Pit Design and Optimisation

• Staged Pit Design and Scheduling
• Pit Optimization
• Equipment Selection
• Production Scheduling
• Geotechnical Services

Underground Mine Design

• Mine Access and Layout
• Ore handling Design
• Mining Method Design
• Equipment Selection
• Mine Ventilation System Design
• Mine Drainage Design

Ascon Africa is geared to put together teams with expertise in surface and underground mine design, including associated infrastructure, equipment specification and selection, mine planning and scheduling, and rock, men and material transport systems and logistics, including trucking systems, belt conveyor systems, endless rope haulages and rail systems.