Environmental Studies

• Environmental Auditing/Due Diligence
• Mine Closure Planning
• Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
• Stability Assessments
• Ground Water and Surface Water Pollution Studies

A growing awareness of the consequences of mining developments has resulted in greater emphasis being placed on environmental and social management. Ascon Africa has wide experience in environmental and social studies and management based upon its track record of project work.

Water Resource Management

• Surface Water Systems & Modelling
• Hydrological Studies
• Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution Assessment
• Drainage Impact Assessment
• Polluted Storm-water Control

Ascon Africa offers a full range of water management services to mining companies based on local and regional experience in hydrology, hydraulics, hydrogeology and hydrochemistry. Other services offered include surface water resources planning, hydrogeological investigations, mine dewatering, water balance studies, water quality assessments and treatment

Mine Site Reclamation

• Management/Treatment of process water, mine site water, acid drainage and drainage basins
• Water Balance and 1D, 2D and 3D hydrodynamic modeling
• Eco-toxicological Studies
• Contaminated Soil Management/Restoration
• Waste Characterization/Management
• Greenhouse Gas Management
• Re-vegetation Programs
• Site Restoration
• Tailings Pond Design

Ascon Africa has extensive experience in providing advice on remediation measures to stabilize potentially polluting sources and protect the environment. The scope of services provided covers waste facilities, rehabilitation, acid drainage mitigation and contaminated land remediation

Solid Waste Management

• Site Investigations
• Waste Management Studies
• Landfill Design and Management
• Slope Stability Analysis
• Rehabilitation of Landfill Sites

Increasing volumes of domestic refuse and industrial waste are being created and society’s desire to minimize the impact of disposal on the environment is also growing. The most common method of disposal is by landfilling. This has the benefit that it allows exhausted quarries, gravel pits and open cast mines to be restored. At Ascon Africa we have extensive experience in investigating potential sites in addition to contaminated and derelict land. Ascon Africa can also provide advice on statutory procedures and technical matters in all stages of the planning, design and operation of domestic and hazardous waste landfill sites.